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Strategy Consulting


Strategy Consulting is a very precise activity. It requires deep knowledge of local and global markets as well as high connections and precision know-how for its implementation.

Strategy consulting is done at a very high level in the organisation. It cannot be effected without the full participation of the decision making parties of the company. Our Strategy Consulting is the perfect balance between facts and common sense and “vision” or “dreams”, as we need to utilise and know the facts in order to achieve the goals.

It begins with a full analysis of the existing scene. This could take from days to even months. It then continues with an in-depth understanding of the vision of the goal-maker of the company or organisation and it follows through with a tactical program consisting of precise business steps and actions to reach he desired objective, wether with local or global scope.

Our company then has the possibility to undertake fully or aid in those actions required for the accomplishment of the strategic plan.